Keep your log store in top condition,

We send our Wood Stores to you completely constructed, fully treated and ready to site and use.
They are very sturdy strong log stores that will last for many years and continue to look good with a small amount of care. Wood is a living thing, so really you should treat your store with a wood preservative every year; at the end of the burning season give it a coat of preservative. This will not only maintain the look of the store but ensure it remains usable and attractive for many years.

If you do not have time to do the whole build, even just doing the roof will really benefit your log store.

When you do re-treat your store, you need to be aware that wood stain loves to jump on your clothes and once there that is it, nothing will ever get it out of your favorite jeans, and a white top it most definitely sees as a challenge. Another tip, Always Wear Gloves. You will be really glad you did. If by chance you have to treat it on your driveway, or if it is on pretty coloured pebbles or perhaps lovely grey slate, use masking tape and newspapers.

Wood stores must be put on a level surface, and should never be sited on soil or grass. An uneven base will wear the joints and could result in the log store tipping over. Being directly on soil/grass will rot the wood. Water will be sucked up inside the legs, and sit there quietly rotting it away from the inside. Put down flag stones, or even better use pebbles or hard-core which pours the water quickly away from the wood into the ground. Always compact the soil under the flagstones/pebbles as much as possible first, to close any pockets of air lurking underground waiting to slowly close under the weight of a full log store and tilt it.

If you have any questions you can email me,

I don't promise to know the answer but I do promise to find out where to get the answer to anything I am not sure about.

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