Conditions of use

When we deliver ourselves

Usually one person (Andrew) will deliver, and if there is someone your end who can lift and carry he will help you put it into place, if not he can try to do it alone as long as there are no major obstacles. If needed we may be able to send two people and help you put the log store in place, let me know in advance if you need this service.

Live further away and need help?

Contact me, we may still be able to help.
Contact me on email

It can be a timed delivery within 2 hours, so no waiting in all day for couriers, and on a day of your choice including on Saturday or Sunday.

Please let me know about any delivery issues. Whether there is someone your end able to help or you have said you need two people, I still need to know before we deliver if there are any delivery issues; these include steps, slopes, gates, awkward bends, if it's going through the house, etc. It is also helpful to know if the distance from the van to where the log store will be sited is solid ground (we can trolley it) or pebbles (has to be carried). Tell me about difficulties beforehand and I may be able to send you a nice fit young man as the second person (but you must send him back).

Evening delivery is available by arrangement, is usually for local orders only because Andrew likes to get back at a reasonable time, but we really will try to help if this is your only option and you live further away.

Please make sure the surface for the log store is sound and level prior to delivery. Log stores should never be sited directly on soil/grass (they will rot), or on uneven surfaces (they could fall over). Pebbles are great, slabs are good, even sleepers. Just not soil or grass.

Under no circumstances will we lift it over a wall. Please do not ask Andrew to do this.

Lead time

Each item is individually hand made to order, so please allow anything from 2 weeks, and up to 12 weeks at busy times, for delivery. There is a lead time on the home page to give an indication about delivery times at the time you order. We will arrange with you if you have any requests for particular dates for delivery, construction, finish etc.

Payment Methods Most email and telephone orders will be payment on completion. You can pay by cash or cheque or Bank Transfer to us on delivery, or for ccard I can add it to the website.

Cancellation and Returns Policy

We offer you a contact service, so if you are in any doubt we welcome questions to ask for more information before placing your order. We are more than happy to supply you with further details. Being a small family firm there may not always be someone available to respond immediately but we will reply as soon as possible. The order will be acknowledged by email and contract formed at point of dispatch.

Telephone 01562 864114, or email

You may cancel standard size orders (non bespoke)at any time prior to delivery at no cost to you, as we consider the contact agreed at point of dispatch.
You may return standard (non bespoke) orders after delivery, notify us within 14 days from delivery of the log store that you want to return the goods by sending an email or by letter in the post to the address in our contact details on the home page. The log store should be returned to us within a reasonable time from you informing us of cancellation but we do understand that these arrangements take time. We can help you (if needed) with arrangements for the return but you are responsible for all return costs. We will of course refund all your original payment in a timely manner, within 14 days.

All goods being returned on a pallet will need to be packaged to the pallet company standards (the pallet company will advise you on their requirements for a consignment). Some will pallet it for you for an extra cost.

Returns/cancellation for bespoke orders the costs will depend at what point they are cancelled. The order is a contract at the point where we start cutting the wood. You are also responsible for all return costs if the cancellation is made after delivery.

This does not in any way affect your Statuary Rights, a return because of for example damage on arrival by courier will never cause you any extra costs, and we will make all arrangements to collect and either repair, replace or refund.

We have aimed to show images of products to give you the best possible reflection of the item you are purchasing, however we do understand this is never quite the same as seeing something in real life. If you wish to view the log stores or would like larger images sent please give Sadie a phone call or email.

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